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Gestión del Compromiso  

pelo azotado por el viento



Engagement Management 

Commitment is neither asked for nor purchased.  To internalize this phrase is the first step to propitiate an atmosphere of generation of commitment in your Organization. But there is much more to do, or rather... to stop doing, so that we can begin to develop committed emotions and behaviours.


How much are the results of your organization affected by people who do not think or do beyond what they strictly request? and by people who are artists in avoiding new challenges? how many mistakes are caused by lack of attention and interest in tasks? how many business opportunities are missed by lack of proactivity? what is the cost of a professional absentee?


Substitutes are also dangerous. Some people confuse commitment with over-exertion and face-to-face behaviour, when in reality they are only observing the fear of losing a job in a restricted labour market. Others deceive themselves by rewarding very ambitious workers who grow only for their own benefit, for the slightest opportunity to auction themselves off to another company. 


Turnever Employer Branding Advisor approaches the management of the Commitment from the continuous improvement of the Empledora Brand, but with the firm conviction that it is necessary to deepen beyond the superficial layer of the image projected to the worker, and getting into the processes that mark his Experience as an Employee.


This is the only way they will be born spontaneously and inevitably real behaviors of commitment.

The Turnever Employer Branding Advisors Commitment development programs apply to three dimensions:



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