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 Talent Maps

Where would you go without fixing a destination?

Talent Maps

Creating your organization's Talent Map helps you set a destination in your Talent management policy. The Map is a tool that allows you to obtain at any time the knowledge of where and how to identify the key people for your organization, today and in the future. 


If people are really the greatest asset, it will be worth knowing what characteristics make them a competitive advantage for your business model.


Do you know well what it means to have talent in your organization? Can you identify people with real talent in your organization? Can you measure it? Can you identify potential talent? and outside the organization, where is the talent you need today? and tomorrow? 


Your policies of selection, hiring, compensation, development... and of course Employen Branding must be aligned with the knowledge provided by the Talent Map.


Turnever Employer Branding provides you with a methodology for:

  • Identify which talent demands your business model today and in the future.

  • Identify the people who are best suited to your organization today.

  • Helping you to manage solutions in the event of an employee's unsuitability for his or her position

  • Review your HR management policies in order to align with the required talent

  • Manage Employer Branding according to the knowledge acquired to attract and retain those people who bring added value to your organization.


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