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 BeAmbassador is the ideal technological solution for the intelligent management of your network of Brand Ambassadors in Social Networks. 


Gamelearn™ is the world-leading company in soft skills training through video games and a pioneer in the development of game-based learning solutions. With over 10 years of experience, it has trained more than 200,000 professionals from more than 1,500 companies all over the 5 continents. 


Welcome to the Jungle is a multi-platform medium whose ambition is to inspire professionals during their career development, and organizations in the search for the best talent. 

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POP (People-Organizations-Psychology) revolutionizes the world of psychology in organizations, offering, through a technological platform, psychological training to employees 


MOTIV is a customized employee benefit solution that rewards the behaviours and initiatives that most closely align with the company's culture.


HEALTHY BREACK is the company that delivers fresh seasonal fruit to your company's home in order to promote healthy eating habits and contribute to the improvement of your employees' health

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Prisma is a software company that applies gamification to motivate employees through game elements.


VISIOTALENT is a video interview management platform where a candidate is more than just a Resume.


BABY FRIENDLY COMPANIES: a customized solution for your organization to attract and retain talent


FISIOEMPRESA specialises in providing companies with physiotherapy, pilates, yoga, tai chi, wellness and healthy back services.

SOY ÚNICO EMPRESAS (I'M THE UNIQUE BUSINESS) is a consulting and training firm for organizations, aimed at improving the performance, welfare and happiness of people in working environments

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coMsentido is the marketing, communication and event organization agenda that will help your brand shine and get the visibility it needs.


ONA.-Organizational Network Analysis is a cloud-based solution that allows you to visualize and analyze the informal relationships that exist within the organization, the so-called Collaborative Networks.


 Team Tailor is a very special candidate tracking software (SAT), is a platform that enables a new way to attract, manage and recruit the best talent. 


Speakap is an excellent Corporate Social Network that improves the internal communication of all your employees, wherever they are.


Speakap is an excellent Corporate Social Network that improves the internal communication of all your employees, wherever they are.

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People Performance International is an assessment platform with which you can manage your own recruitment processes and talent development projects in an intuitive, easy and complete manner. Improve the Selection, Retention and Development of Human Talent


Frutality is a management tool for fruit consumption in offices and workplaces.


Imagames uses gamification to stimulate your employees' behavior. The objectives are to motivate, empower and help learning within organizations.


The Holistic Concept promotes and strengthens the correct management of stress from the workplace thanks to its 360º methodology


Slik is a solution developed by HR professionals so you can create and manage all your surveys in one place.


FutureWellness offers a wide range of activities for employees with the aim of achieving well-being through techniques and recommendations from professionals in the physical, nutritional or psychological areas.


DH Seed offers consultancy oriented to digital transformation and headhunting whose differential value lies in knowing how to attract, capture and select profiles of very high IT, big data and digital specialization. 


Datahack is a Big Data & Analytics expert company with the ability to develop your employees in the most attractive and sought-after technical skills in the digital age.


HRider has developed a tool that helps companies to modernize their performance evaluation and 360º feedback processes by promoting a real culture of professional development.


HappyROI: Companies that take care of their people are always more profitable and sustainable over time.


mibucle is the meeting point between the best talent and the best companies.


Fit Candidate allows you to identify, among all the participants in your selection or talent management processes, those who are the most similar: those who best fit the real experience in your company.


The tee© model (experiential talent engagement) allows you to improve the engagement of your teams and, as a consequence, their results, by acting on the experience employed that has the greatest impact on them.


Sezzen Mindfulness works with organizations in the development of self-leadership skills, stress management, self-awareness training in the professional and personal environment, talent empowerment and team management training


Bambú is an app to relieve stress and increase the productivity of your team.


Gestionet develops technological solutions for gambling, business simulation and talent recruitment.


AXIS 4 has developed a corporate wellness program based on 4 axes [LIFE, MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS] to help people build a full and healthy life from work and knowledge of the body, mind and emotions, and therefore, bring value to companies and organizations where they work.


Payflow offers a revolutionary social benefit so your employees get paid when they need to, with just one click. With no cost or administrative burden to your business.


Simbiotia creates wellness environments that help improve people's lives and experiences through connection with nature and its spaces. 


UpToMe is a 360° HR tool that gives employees a voice to express their concerns about the company and the functions they perform in real-time in order to achieve a good working environment, identify and retain talent.


SASOI Bienestar Laboral / Lan Ongizatea develops strategies to improve and maintain the health of workers as a tool to facilitate work efficiency.


Happyforce is a platform that allows for honest and transparent communication between organizations and their employees.


Moloon is a company specialized in promotional marketing, merchandising and personalized gifts online.


Biolaboro offers services and tools for the labour welfare, establishing actions with an integral approach of improvements in environment, body and mind: Biophilia, ergonomics, postural education and team coaching, among others.


Biwel is a transformational tool for organizations that help people improve their well-being by promoting healthy lifestyles. 


Loonfy is a corporate social benefit that allows workers to collect their payroll on demand, giving them greater financial peace of mind and increasing productivity, retention and recruitment of talent in the company.


Personio is the all-in-one HR software for small- and medium-sized companies. Based in Munich, Madrid and London, Personio's mission is to make HR processes as transparent and efficient as possible so HR can focus on the most valuable assets in the company: the people.


Nawaiam is a great adventure turned into a strategy video game that builds the professional and behavioural profile of young people. Nawaiam has been accompanying innovation in Human Resources and Youth Employability, evolving naturally with generational changes.


Talent Clue is a recruitment software that allows companies to automate the recruitment processes, publishing the vacancies directly to the website, social networks and employment portals and receiving all the candidates in one place, to manage them and thus have control of all processes in compliance with the RGPD..