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AXIS 4 Corporate Wellness is a consulting firm specializing in comprehensive health and wellness

AXIS 4 has developed a corporate wellness program based on 4 axes [LIFE, MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS] to help people build a full and healthy life from work and knowledge of the body, mind and emotions, and therefore, bring value to companies and organizations where they work




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Tailor-made programmes
Improve Employer Branding and Staff Performance

A wellness program designed for your company. The Axis 4 Program is designed to help and inspire people, and therefore companies, in healthy habits and practices, from work and knowledge of the body, mind and emotions.

By incorporating new healthy habits, improving self-esteem, training greater physical and mental endurance and enjoying better interpersonal relationships, your employees will feel more satisfied with their work and their working conditions. With a greater commitment from them, you will be able to see a significant reduction in absenteeism rates and a greater tolerance for work-related stress. Ultimately, this will provide you with a significant increase in productivity.

Life Axis
Mind Axis

In this axis, we will deal with topics such as nutrition, sleep, knowledge of our body through Thai self-massage, among other tips for healthy habits.

In this axis we will work on practices such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga or art therapy... that allow us to maintain full attention and observation of autopilots to improve the capacity of concentration, increase performance and put focus on the present action avoiding distractions.

Body Axis
Axis Emotions

In this axis we will work on the physical condition, the corporal intelligence and the postural correction, oriented to the professional activity of the people.

In this axis we work on the tools focused on the development of emotional intelligence that allows us to optimally manage possible interpersonal conflicts, improve communication with ourselves and with others, acquire resources to modulate stress and face daily tasks from a more harmonious state.

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