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Andjoy helps maintain a healthy lifestyle with access to over 2,000 centres across Spain

In addition to sports, Andjoy offers more than 200 activities that allow you to get out of the routine, help fight stress, increase enthusiasm, strengthen self-esteem and contribute to a more positive outlook. This translates into physical and mental well-being. With a single pass, Andjoy users can access more than 2,000 centres in more than 280 cities in Spain, always choosing the closest one




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Special conditions for users
Flexible Fitness

Andjoy users enjoy better conditions than members of any other centre: with a single fee, no registration or minimum stay, they can use their pass 7 days a week.

The offer that he proposes allows not to depend always on the same gym. The user can enjoy sport and well-being wherever and whenever he wants: when leaving work, when travelling, etc.

2000 centres
Special discounts

It also includes a wide variety of centres, including yoga and pilates centres, climbing walls, spas, swimming pools, paddle tennis courts and boutiques.

Andjoy corporate users have a discount so that their friends or family can subscribe at a special price.

A monthly invitation for your friends
Your App Andjoy training plan

They also have an invitation every month for the person they choose to accompany them to one of their collaborating centres.

The App Andjoy offers a customized training plan based on each user's goals.

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