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Atrivity is a High impact Data Driven Knowledge and Communication Platform.

Atrivity is a mobile enterprise serious game and communication platform, where companies share their content and players learn it by challenging each other answering algorithm selected quiz questions to optimize and measure their learning.



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Sales Teams
Learning & Development Teams

● Boost product launches: more prepared teams ● Increased sales thanks to greater product knowledge ● Greater learning of the different sales methods ● Real and measurable information on the degree of knowledge of the team

● Create more attractive and effective learning plans ● More effective and dynamic training time ● Increased participation and use of LMS platforms ● Real and measurable information on the degree of knowledge

Marketing and communications
Human Resources

● Boost attention and results remote events ● Increase knowledge about marketing content ● Measure understanding of communications (internal-external) ● Help enhance product formations

● Attract more and better talent ● Faster hiring processes ● Automate and enhance Onboarding ● Build a more motivating employee experience ● Improve communication of company culture and values

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