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b4work app is the first add-on solution integrated with ATS's to help their clients communicate with candidates via mobile without leaving their dashboard.

Give your ATS a mobile solution to communicate with candidates. With no need to develop their own mobile applications, recruiters will be notified of new openings and keep candidates updated on any changes while candidates receive the communication directly on their mobile app. Candidates can sync their updated profile with other ATS platforms and be able to follow up on all their hiring processes from a single place.



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Quick access to more job offers
Communicate with your candidates

Your candidates will increase their chances of finding your offers as they are recommended according to their interests.

Candidates and recruiters will always be connected by the application. You will be able to notify your candidates of updates on the status of their applications and receive replies from them if they wish to stand out from the rest.

Showcase your Culture and Employer Branding
Integration with ATS platforms

It is important that candidates know as much as possible about your company and the job they are applying for. With b4work, you can show in an attractive way the value proposal that your company offers to attract the best talent.

When recruitment software companies integrate with b4work, they allow their clients to communicate and give feedback to candidates in real time directly from their desktop.

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