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Biolaboro offers services and tools for the labour welfare, establishing actions with an integral approach of improvements in environment, body and mind: Biophilia, ergonomics, postural education and team coaching, among others.

In Biolaboro we take care of the companies and all their members, offering services and tools that increase the well-being in the work environment and of all the team that forms it. Biolaboro works to improve the working space by providing physical, psychological and social well-being to your employees.




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Systemic Coaching of teams
Executive Coaching

Advice aimed at achieving harmony, productivity and happiness of your teams

We work with your company's managers to help them develop their leadership and acquire useful skills for optimal performance.


Wide portfolio of training programs: healthy and postural education, healthy eating, leadership, public speaking, etc.

We carry out actions to make your company connect with its environment, respecting the needs and nature of people. Biophilic design, social interaction, ergonomics


We create programs that allow you to offer a healthy education to your team with actions that allow for greater health and self-care.

We provide team coaching, executive coaching and development in leadership, public speaking and business management skills.

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