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Biwel is a transformational tool for organizations that help people improve their well-being by promoting healthy lifestyles.

Biwel designs and implements comprehensive wellness programs with impact results, combining technological solutions and services. Biwel helps each person to build their own lifestyle. It does so through solutions, resources and daily routines, and with tools that allow demonstrating and quantifying their health and well-being improvement.




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Health and wellness portal
Online health and wellness challenges

A health and wellness channel that is as effective as it is motivating, in which your employees can consume personalized training actions, services, social benefits, online challenges and more than 400 healthy habit contents. Promote healthy habits among your staff through this tool for the analysis, management and communication of your Healthy Company programme, which can be integrated into the employee portal and/or intranet. Multi-language and 100% secure and confidential. All in one channel!

Different online challenges with the aim of promoting an active and healthy life: physical activity, food, sleep, team-building, solidarity, health... and always in a 100% sustainable way. An effective and fun way to promote commitment and cohesion in your teams through a social challenge of wellbeing, by teams and stages, providing the worker with a memorable experience.

Program content and management platform
Wellness technology at the service of your employees

The ideal platform to manage, communicate and start your health and wellness project in the company. Raise awareness in a personalized way to achieve a more active and healthy life thanks to hundreds of multimedia content of healthy habits, communicate and manage activities and services in person or online, and get indicators of monitoring, adherence and satisfaction, all in one channel!

A web platform and an app for Android and Apple, both with complete management and maintenance 24/7, multi-language, 100% configurable, secure and confidential. You will get a multitude of results, valuable statistics and analysis in different dashboards for super users that will allow you to control and implement your Healthy Business strategy effectively.

Customized health and wellness programs
Why Biwel

We help you design a memorable employee experience. Customized dynamic programs: experiential and/or digital, gamma, individual or group. Some of them are: promotion of healthy habits, reduction of cardiovascular risk, promotion of physical exercise, healthy eating, restorative sleep, reduction of muscular-skeletal disorders, and much more. We help you to give coherence and make your program a success!

The integral solutions of improvement of the labor health represent benefits in the reduction of the costs of health, improvement of the well-being and personal performance, construction of a healthy culture, integrates and optimizes the programs of human resources, among them that of the improvement of the Employer Branding of your organization for the attraction of the best talent.

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