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Baby Friendly Companies: a customized solution for your organization to attract and retain talent

From Baby Friendly Companies we help companies to work and organize the process of maternity and paternity of their employees, through support solutions for one of the most important moments of their lives: the waiting and birth of a baby




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Increases team commitment
Attracts and retains talent

The correct management of an event as important for an employee as having a child undoubtedly increases the commitment of your team and the identification with the values of the company.

Improve your company's employer branding by showing that you are responsible for the maternity or paternity leave of your employees. This will attract the best talent and help reduce turnover by 37% to 60%.

Improve emotional pay by controlling budgets
Promote a good working environment

An additional way to pay for the exertion of your employees is through the emotional paycheck that comes from your ability to motivate management of the most important event in an employee's life.

The good work environment undoubtedly affects organizational results. Keep the emotional atmosphere of your employees warm by offering them solutions and services for the arrival of a child.

Reduce absenteeism
Corporate Social Responsibility

Absences from work are due to many reasons, but managing your employees' maternity and paternity leave correctly will help you to eliminate it from the list

By introducing this type of benefit in your company you are aligning the management of people with your highest commitments in terms of corporate social responsibility

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