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Balanced is a corporate wellness consultancy that aims to create healthier, more agile and productive work environments.

For Balanced, the differential value of any company is the people, their talent and effort, and for that reason we promote the culture of health and well-being in the organizations. After carrying out a personalized study, we identify the needs of each company and offer solutions from a global point of view, which provide value and help them to become more responsible, efficient and successful organizations. Become a good place to work.




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Smart and healthy jobs
Balanced method

Within the priority objectives of the most successful and innovative companies, is to become healthy organizations and integrate a more human vision that gives them an extra value and allows them to improve both the employee experience, as well as the internal functioning of the organization.

Designed to make a difference, through our method, we get very precise information and data about the state and circumstances of the organization, which helps us to develop more effective actions, and therefore, an improvement in the results.

Balanced programs
Cultural transformation

Another innovative tool designed to provide solutions in specific cases and areas, such as health, conciliation or training.

We are experts in the Cultural Transformation of companies and we help them in this process, which is essential before taking steps in innovation, management or digitalization systems. In the new paradigm that is opening up before us, the organizations with the greatest projection will be those that have the greatest capacity to align their culture with their strategy.

Integral services

At Balaced we have proven professionals in different areas to analyze and respond in the most effective way to the individual needs of each company.

We are pioneers in introducing this concept in the professional and business world as an element to be able to value each member of a group in a specific, more precise and complete way. In this way, their circumstances and needs are visualized separately, and the whole is enhanced from the base.

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