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An app to relieve stress and increase the productivity of your team.

An app with original content: sound trips, stories, a mindfulness course created by experts, a journal for emotions. Quick and ideal meditations to do at work: between meetings, before a meeting or have an active break. Bambú helps your team improve focus and productivity. Also find special topics to sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety and improve your mood.



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App available on Google Play, App Store and Alexa support
Emotional well-being

Download Bambú and sit down in a comfortable place to start. It is available in Alexa devices, just say "Alexa, I want to meditate". Create a great company culture by promoting better mental health and more happiness for your team.

With Bambú you can help each person on your team to improve sleep for a deeper rest, reduce work and personal stress, and gain motivation. Bambú works as a guide to relieve anxiety and improve relationships with others. Reduced stress absenteeism, more efficient meetings, improved concentration and resolution

Improve productivity
Bambú for Companies

Employees are more focused and resilient when they are at peace, increase their creativity and boost their self-confidence.

Different topics for every situation. Meditations guided by experts. Posters to promote healthy habits. Metrics and usage reports.

Improve Employer Branding
100% in Spanish

It provides an excellent experience for the employee by promoting a company culture that allows the integration of meditation and mindfulness at work, something that results in better professional relationships. Commitment and motivation increase when employees feel cared for.

With different voices in Spanish and Latin American accents, our business program is available for any country or company that has Spanish-speaking teams.

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