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CircleLytics helps teams, decision makers to make more impact through the power of reflective dialogues. CircleLytics enables unstructured feedback to be collected and turned into practical knowledge through a unique and mind-blowing process that solves the serious problems of traditional surveys and online discussion platforms.

CircleLytics applies psychology, design, complex algorithms and the wisdom of the crowd to turn people's voices into sophisticated insights in a unique process to get people thinking and thinking again. Our solutions make it easy, safe, and rewarding to share knowledge and personal experiences that lead to informed decision making: build smarter strategies, expand product offerings, accelerate innovation, increase employee happiness, improve workplace efficiency, monitor performance, and more.



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Employee engagement survey
Future thinking & change adoption

Circlelytics safeguards the followup of your annual survey outcome. Get deeper insights per team, per department. Monthly dialogues make your people get and stay engaged and increase your next survey's outcome.

Challenge employees about the near-future, stimulate their thinking and openness for change. Regular dialogues make them reflect on opportunities, be part of the future and even help build scenarios.

STOP-KEEP-START for managers
Feedback & learning culture

Enable your managers to turn work floor rumours into actionable, honest feedback and actionable insights. Team members may prioritise and comment on things to stop, keep or start doing.

Design a program to engage diverse groups of employees to regularly solve various topics. Challenging employees builds an engaging learning culture and speeds up productivity. And happiness at Work

Workplace efficiency
C-LEVEL dialogues

Quarterly dialogues to identity rules that hurt productivity and happiness, and costs that can be avoided Employees love speeding up the work. Simply start the dialogue trust them, let them rank and enrich the results.

Build trust, engage with employees without any manager interference. Create one collective brain to elevate your C-Level's analysis, decision making and implement faster than ever.

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