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Currofinder matches candidates with the talent needs of organizations through games that identify their skills.

Currofinder's soft skills identification algorithms have been developed by a team of programmers and psychologists. A job search app identifies the skills of candidates through a unique gamification process designed to find the best talent for your organization. A mobile platform that transforms selection processes based on personal skills analysis.



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Skills Atributes defined by our team of psychologists with the support of professionals with experience in Skill Gamification and Assessment Centers methodology

A specific algorithm distributes the results to optimize the candidate company match. The games are created by digital creative experts. There is a program of updating and continuous improvement of the algorithm.

Gamification at the service of talent recruitment

Model based on data analysis and the use of Big Data methodologies to optimize Skill Scoring. System supported with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Soft Skills Gamification Score Solution (SSGSS). A method developed internally by the Job Search Technologies team. Candidates will have games available and the more they play the more chances they have to find a job. The processes also support the answering of questionnaires so you will get to know your candidates even better.

Job offers and Chat with recruiters
Profiles and Avatars

Candidates will have a selection of offers to discover which one is most suitable for them. They will also be able to contact their recruiters and set up an interview to close your recruitment.

Candidates will fill in their profile to give information to companies about your qualifications or knowledge. The tool will complete the employability profile indicating your strengths and weaknesses in the skills required for the position.

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