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Frutality is a management tool for fruit consumption in offices and workplaces.

At Frutality we take care of bringing the best fresh seasonal fruit to offices and work centres concerned about the well-being and happiness of their workers. We are the reference company in the sector and we are backed by more than 10 years of experience, more than 450 clients throughout Spain and more than 100,000 pieces of fruit served weekly. Our customers are the most important thing for us.




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We take care of your pocket, that's why we have the most competitive prices in the market

You can be sure that we offer the best quality in fresh fruit, and we are constantly concerned that you have the best possible service.


We make daily purchases from more than 80 suppliers different so that you always have the best variety of supply

Our Fruit Managers check every piece of fruit at our client's offices so that they always have the best possible enjoyment of vitamins

Continuous Improvement

We are concerned with constant improvement, which is why we carry out permanent satisfaction surveys

We are committed to the environment, the recycling and in our service we avoid the use of plastics

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