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FutureWellness offers a wide range of activities for employees with the aim of achieving well-being through techniques and recommendations from professionals in the physical, nutritional or psychological areas.

We value any type of proposal that arises from the needs of our clients, adjusting our service and advice as much as necessary to fit it. We can combine several activities in the same day, such as a conference on nutrition and a practical event on stress management through stretching, pilates or yoga. Our professionals travel to the facilities, providing everything necessary for employees to perform the activities in the most comfortable way.




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Reduce costs
Reduces illness contingencies

Reduces the costs a company bears due to employees with long periods of sick leave

By promoting healthier lifestyles you will reduce the incidence rate of disease contingency by 18% to 25%

Reduces the cost of temporary disability
Improved productivity

You can reduce the cost of temporary disability by up to 23%.

Through health and wellness activities your employees will feel more motivated and this translates into greater team productivity

Improve your organization's employer branding.
Improves performance

Strengthen your image and reputation as an employer by providing a better experience for your employees

A healthier and happier team performs more and better and you will notice this in the overall results of your organization.

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