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Gamelearn™ is the world-leading company in soft skills training through video games and a pioneer in the development of game-based learning solutions.

Gamelearn™ has revolutionized corporate training by creating the game-based learning platform, a market leader, and becoming a global solution for any Learning and Development department: - Based on the cloud: no need to install additional software. - Universal access: just an internet connection is required. - Multidevice: adapts to any device, PC, tablet, smartphone… - Multilanguage: a training solution translated into more than 4 languages.



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Serious Game Pacific™
Serious Game Merchants™

A manual, step by step, on leading and managing high-performance teams.

A complete course on negotiation, communication and conflict resolution.

Serious Game Triskelion™
Serious Game 2100™

A system to manage time and improve personal productivity.

27 real customer-service situations in a 100% customizable serious game.

Serious Game ADA™
Serious Game Mars™

It makes any onboarding or internal communication process an attractive, fun and engaging experience for all students.

Transform employees into corporate knowledge mobilizers.

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