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HRider has developed a tool that helps companies to modernize their performance evaluation and 360º feedback processes by promoting a real culture of professional development.

Any company, whatever its size, will be able to set up its own account, automate its feedback processes and have real-time reports, thus helping to improve its competitiveness and increase the commitment of its team. Organizations in more than 15 countries use HRider to bring out the best in their employees




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Specialized in talent management with the purpose of being the best solution in professional performance & 360º feedback. Generalist systems are expensive and require a lot of time for their implementation and configuration, and most importantly, they do not solve the evaluation processes in an agile and flexible way.

Designed from the outset to suit every organization. HRider allows you to configure almost any aspect, from assessments, methodologies, weights, types of responses, skills, language, images ... You can even change the user interface with the terms your organization uses.

No installation required
No limit to use

100% system in the cloud very, very fast. No users or administrators will need to install anything on their devices. With HRider your organization will be protected, we comply with all the requirements of European legislation, one of the strictest worldwide on personal data protection and information security.

HRider allows you to launch evaluation and feedback processes without limit. Don't worry about how many surveys you need, you can do as many as you want and evaluate whatever you want: competencies, tasks, objectives, climate, or any other factor. Ideal for organizations that bet on continuous evaluation.

Accessible and transparent
Customer service

Designed for easy use by anyone being assessed, without training, logins or passwords. In a transparent way and without surprises you can know the cost and try before you buy. With our philosophy of competitive pricing, talent management is now accessible to organizations of any size.

We offer you a team of people who are passionate about talent management and who specialize in performance management and 360º feedback processes so that you can put your questions to professionals who understand your needs. That's why we also include training and support!

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