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Happÿdonia is the App that helps you to improve the internal communication of your Organization, its management and the motivation of the employees.

Happÿdonia helps you to manage and improve the employee experience, allowing you to develop B2E in a proactive and simple way. It eliminates any digital gap that prevents the integration of all groups in your organization, facilitates the technological adaptation and communication of your entire team. We help you to improve the working environment, facilitating the approach between the company and the employee and between the colleagues themselves, increasing their commitment and productivity.



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Effective communication in a single management point
Organizational and Collaborative Culture - More active participation

Happÿdonia is the ideal internal communication solution to reach all your employees wherever they are (whether they work with a computer or not, whether they are in the office or not). The information is arranged to facilitate employee navigation, achieving a much more attractive display. Avoid information leakage and wasting time between mailboxes. You can create groups of users with different functionalities and interaction capacities and enable secure and private instant messaging spaces where only people from the Organization and those authorized have access. An official corporate and secure channel adapted to the new ways of communication.

Happÿdonia makes the transmission of your Organization's values agile and simple. You will be able to articulate through internal communication the actions that reinforce those values, either with employees, customers or with your social environment. Values are no longer a manifesto stuck on a wall but are activated in a practical way. In addition, you achieve greater interaction with the entire team and more active participation by all employees, generating trust and a desire for transparency.

Management tools, personal information and RGPD management
Performance Evaluation and Recognition

Happÿdonia incorporates specific productive tools to facilitate the management and the procedures, desire in agility. In addition, each employee has a profile with their information and contact details and can have their personal folder where they can keep their personal documentation safely. The payroll management system is distributed in a safe and efficient way with the least possible intermediaries. On the other hand, with Happÿdonia you will be able to manage the obligatory legal acceptances and consents required by the RGPD, as well as the revocation and periodic revision of the same.

Happÿdonia facilitates you the evaluation of the employees' performance based on concrete objectives in a determined period and different predefined items with the organizational values that are pursued adapted to the different profiles of the Organization. Happÿdonia provides instruments that enhance mutual appreciation and generate stronger relationships between employees that link us effectively with our Organization

Talent retention and continuous improvement
Measure the happiness, interaction and impact of your messages through active listening

Identify your community's capabilities by actively listening to them and launch initiatives that help connect the employee to the values of the Organization. Happÿdonia allows you to effectively reach your employees by involving them in any kind of improvement initiative, in a faster and more complete way.

Analyze message activity and impact in real time with the metrics and statistics you have at your disposal. Happÿdonia allows you to articulate periodic surveys of any kind and see the evolution over time of the different responses. For example, measure the mood and happiness of the Organization. It facilitates the interaction between the members of the Organization and allows you to obtain direct feedback on how your actions influence the improvement of the work climate and the expectations of your employees.

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