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Happyforce is a platform that allows for honest and transparent communication between organizations and their employees.

Happyforce is based on a mobile app in which employees, with a simple and anonymous interaction, participate daily indicating how they feel and what they think. With dynamics similar to those of social networks and a 100% transparent operation, Happyforce helps companies to create a more open and solid company culture.



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Stop guessing, just measure. We analyze in detail the overall state of your workplace environment continuously and in real time. You will understand your strengths, areas of improvement and you will be able to measure the impact of your actions

Live your employee’s experience. We help you understand, analyze and interpret the needs of your employees so that you can define your action plan. Maximize your talent, discover leaders, and build relationships with your employees.


Recognition reinforces good practices. Build a culture of recognition that connects good work practices with business purpose and values.

The most important conversation is the one you have with your employees. Official announcements and communications, surveys, private chat, compliance channel and even Chatbot. We offer you everything you need to communicate easily and actively with your employees.

Much more than a continuous feedback channel
Manage employee Experience

Thanks to our multiplatform application that acts as a collaborative communication channel. All your needs are covered with us. Whether you want to create a survey, respond to an employee, measure eNPS or send an official announcement, you can do all of this from our powerful tool feedback in real time.

Through pulses and surveys, you will be able to obtain actionable data about your employees to create and promote a healthy and productive culture. You will understand: What worries your teams, What slows down and encourages productivity and what makes your employees happy at work. (and much more)

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