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Healthy Break

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HEALTHY BREACK is the company that delivers fresh seasonal fruit to your company's home in order to promote healthy eating habits and contribute to the improvement of your employees' health

HEALTHY BREAK delivers fresh fruit to your employees, thus helping to generate a healthy work environment that is aligned with your goals of retaining talent, improving the company's reputation, promoting pride in belonging, increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism... and ultimately improving your organization's bottom line.




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Comprehensive service
The best quality/price ratio

We want the delivery of fruit to be an asset for you that does not of the slightest problem. We take care of everything with our own staff.

We are in charge of selecting the fruit daily with the best quality/price and in its optimal point of maturation and of placing it in the fruit bowls that we will give you so that you have in your facilities.

You just have to enjoy
Double quality control

We have a team that will help you in everything to be as close as possible to you. This way you will only have to enjoy the fruit.

When we put the fruit in the fruit bowls we have another quality control to check that all are correct and in case of incidence we change it for a game in perfect conditions without additional cost.

Variety at the same price

By order, we will deliver about 5 varieties of fruit that throughout the year will change according to the seasons that nature offers us, and everything always at the same price.

If there is a week-long holiday or you are on holiday and you have few people in the office the service can be suspended or reduced without any problem. And of course, there is no commitment to stay.

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