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Imagames uses gamification to stimulate your employees' behaviour. The objectives are to motivate, empower and help learning within organizations.

Imagames manages to keep employees interested and motivated by designing unique experiences with gamification. They have the best ally, MATRIX, a platform with which you can create an unlimited number of games so that, through mobile devices and web environment, your employees can be trained in a fun and efficient way




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Wide variety of game dynamics

You will have your own application for mobile devices and a fully customized web environment

You will have access to dozens of games available to implement your communication or organizational training goals.

Creative autonomy
Unlimited creations

You can create your own games and add content without having to go through technical specialists

You can create as much content and games as you want, the only limit is your imagination

Flexibility of changes

When necessary you can make changes at any time, and all without having to stop the game

You will get a detailed analysis of the users' behaviour during the game

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