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Kenjo is an innovative organizational platform, ideal for human resources administration, recruitment process management and professional development of your employees.

Through digitalization and automation Kenjo eliminates tedious and frustrating human resources processes. At the same time it enables the creation of a corporate culture as a basis for your employees to prosper, develop commitment and perform in a much more productive and efficient way. With Kenjo you will be able to manage your employees' documents, register their vacations and absences, manage on/off-boarding, conduct surveys of all kinds and receive valuable feedback from your collaborators. All this will result in the promotion of Engagement and a better Employer Branding of your organization



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Holidays, absences and time control
Digital HR administration and payroll report

Easily manage holidays and any absence (sick leave, teleworking and others). Your employees will be able to comfortably and accurately record the start and end of their working day.

By navigating through different dashboards, HR administration becomes automatic and easy. You will be able to classify documents, generate templates and reports, and notifications about payroll to optimize its follow up. All in one and everything under control.

Organization chart and workflows
Recruitment and Onboarding

Design your interactive organization chart that shows in a simple way the structure of your organization so that everyone can locate their place and responsibilities. Customize your processes and automate them so that they are intuitive and more comfortable to manage for your team, which you can keep up to date with 100% automatic emails and notifications.

A simple and streamlined recruitment system to find the best talent, schedule interviews and even onboarding after hiring. An all-encompassing candidate tracking system

Work Climate Survey and Performance Evaluation
Reports and analyses, objectives and OKRs

Measure the environment within your company and detect the commitment of your employees in an agile and recurrent way. Provide professional growth to your employees by improving and streamlining their performance evaluations

Make reports and analysis of strategic KPIs for your HR department. Establish objectives in your organization and align them with the objectives in operations so that you all go in the same direction.

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