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Loonfy is a corporate social benefit that allows workers to collect their payroll on demand, giving them greater financial peace of mind and increasing productivity, retention and recruitment of talent in the company.

Help your team improve their financial well-being by giving them flexibility in collecting their payroll. Allows them to access their salary when they need it. Attract and retain talent by offering your employees a unique benefit that they truly value. You will change their lives without changing your processes or your cash flow cycle. No extra work and no administrative costs for the company.



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No impact on your cash flow
Saves costs

Our app gives you direct access to your earned salary and Loonfy makes the advance for you. No cash movements and no compromise on the company's cash flow.

It avoids administrative work, extra processes and interruptions. No fees, no interest and no financial risk. We are not a credit.

Improves talent acquisition and retention
Increases productivity

Offer a social benefit that sets you apart from your competition and makes your workers happier.

Help reduce your employees' financial problems, improving their productivity.

No Cost

You're in control. The company can manage registrations and cancellations, cut-off dates and conditions for each worker or group of workers. All information is encrypted under the highest level of security SSL2 and according to the RGPD.

There are no management or maintenance costs for the company and no charges for the number of employees. For the employees the first advance payment is free and the maintenance and support are free

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