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Likeik allows an omnicanal listening of the customer/employee's voice through different supports, to analyze his/her voice through a powerful BI and text analysis tool, and to activate it through a complete alert and case tracking system.

Likeik offers two types of service to adapt to the customer's need and budget: (1) subscription to a self-service tool and (2) a managed service for the development and support of 100% customized projects. In order to help any type of client and need, we bet on a modular solution, the speed of implementation, the accompaniment and on adjusted prices.



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Customer Experience Solutions - CX - VoC
Solutions Employee Experience - EX - VoE

Listen to your customer on a permanent basis, at every stage of the Customer Journey. Launch satisfaction surveys and find out the NPS®, read the comments in social networks and reviews, etc. Interpret and react in real time to feedback.

Listen to how this commitment and well-being of your employees is at every Employee Journey milestone. Measure indicators such as eNPS® or HR effort and detect moments of pain. Collaborate in the retention of talent and get the illusion of your employees transmitted to the experience of your customers.

Solutions, studies and waves of specific surveys
Multichannel capture supports and multisource data integration

Waves of satisfaction or work climate surveys. Telephone surveys, face-to-face surveys, unattended tablet, E-mail, SMS and WhatsApp. Specific quantitative studies on a touchpoint, product, sales channel, department or employee profile, etc.

Get the requested opinion, but also capture the unsolicited one. A wide variety of supports are combined and integrated to enhance the listening result: buttons, tablet, email, SMS, phone calls, social networks, web forms and App. It combines the emotional opinion with the objective data of the customer, employee or business. Our API allows us to quickly integrate with large or small tools so that you can dump your data wherever you want.

Dashboard and reporting, activate results, close cases
Reasons to work with Likeik

See the results in a standardized graphical dashboard or we develop a custom dashboard for your project on MS Power BI. You will have access roles and you will be able to calculate any kind of indicator. Voice transcription and text analysis. Sending of recurrent reports. Get the relevant information to the right person at the right time. You will be able to define and manage alerts in real time. Establish escalation rules and action suggestions. Dump the alerts in your CRM or HRS.

We are versatile, providing solutions to a wide range of needs from the most complex project to the simplest. You will have at your disposal an intuitive and very easy to use platform without any technological knowledge, besides you will count on our help at all times. We are aware that you need a fast deployment, with us you can have it with guarantees of efficiency. Likeik has more than 25 functionalities that can be adapted to each phase of maturity of your project, so you will only pay for what you really need.

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