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Moloon is a company specialized in promotional marketing, merchandising and personalized gifts online.

Our passion is to be “Moloon” (Cool), we are passionate about gifts, originality and personalization. We want to be different, we want to innovate, we want to personalize more products every day and we want you to personalize yourself in the easiest way possible in a few clicks, from your office, from home, or wherever you are inspired. In our product catalogue you can find solutions for all kinds of promotions, gifts and actions.



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Day planners and Calendars

Consult and personalize our day planners and calendars for the current

Find the most original technological products to promote your company.

Great product catalogue
Express delivery

Hygiene, bottles, notebooks, bags, backpacks, pens, mugs, umbrellas, lanyards, pins, technology, blankets, T-shirts, glasses, etc.

If you need an urgent delivery, enter our special product selection, and receive it within 5 days.

Customize your brand online in 3 steps
Great brands trust us

With one click select the product you want to customize. Upload your logo to our configurator and have fun customizing it with your brand. Make your purchase and we will take care of the rest

From our offline agency, Ribel Ideas, we develop, manufacture and customize products for large Spanish and international companies.

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