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MOTIV is a customized employee benefit solution that rewards the behaviours and initiatives that most closely align with the company's culture.

MOTIV is a solution designed to strengthen your company's culture by aligning the that the company enunciates with what collaborators perceive. It is based on a program of personalized initiatives and benefits, which uses the concept of Gamification to reward those behaviours that are most aligned with the company's culture, giving its employees benefits that go beyond money. In addition, using artificial intelligence techniques and data analysis, Motiv generates reports that help to perceive talents, measure the work climate in real-time, find negative factors among employees and measure the effectiveness of the benefits granted.




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Improves productivity
Make talent manifest

Motiv strengthens the sense of identity and belonging of your collaborators, something essential for them to increase their productivity and efficiency.

A better work environment is the basis for promoting your employees to make the most of their talent.

Create tailor-made benefits
Improve Employer Branding

You will be able to choose which benefits to apply to each employee depending on the purpose of your strategy: Welfare and health, economic benefits, mobility benefits, work flexibility, family benefits, etc.

These initiatives will not only serve internally but will position the company in a place of privilege in front of his competitors.

Communicate your values and promote change
Improve Engagement

By rewarding those behaviours that are aligned with the company's values you will be reinforcing them. You will also be able to reward the attitudes of employees who previously adapted to organizational changes.

You will contribute to the loyalty of your employees through a benefits program that represents the culture of the company and the interests of the employees.

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