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Nawaiam is a great adventure turned into a strategy video game that builds the professional and behavioural profile of young people. Nawaiam has been accompanying innovation in Human Resources and Youth Employability, evolving naturally with generational changes.

Nawaiam is born as a playful and disruptive experience that seeks to detect natural behaviours in the user in order to obtain a consequent job profile. Based on the behaviours, actions and decisions taken by the player in the different situations and obstacles proposed by the game, the system will manage to detect natural behaviours in the user and his predisposition for the development of certain competences, returning a consequent Professional Profile.




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Maximization of the selection processes

The option of customizing the matching allows the customer to identify the desired job profile more quickly, reducing time and achieving greater efficiency in the processes.

Possibility of adding levels oriented to the client's business or challenges aligned punctually to a certain search, for enxample: if for the position it is indispensable to know English, the User could be faced with a situation, always justified by the fictional plot, that could yield an empirical result about his knowledge of the language.

Follow-up of the young worker's evolution
Group Profiles

Through programmed game sessions, according to the specific needs of the client, Nawaiam can become an essential instrument to accompany and enhance the development of the person hired, measuring the impact on the training given by the organization.

The tool has the ability to generate a group profile based on data captured in a teamwork dynamic. (Example: it can be used in training and coaching actions).

Greater engagement among young people
Trend analysis

Due to its innovative, dynamic and playful proposal. Nawaiam accompanies generational changes and their evolution in terms of employment.

Nawaiam allows the identification of behavior patterns in small and large social groups, becoming a powerful tool of sociological analysis for many different purposes.

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