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ONA.- Organisation Network Analysis

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ONA - Organizational Network Analysis is a platform that allows to visualize and analyze the informal relations of the organization (Collaborative Networks), and to detect Informal Leaders.

ONA makes it possible to detect employees who have a high capacity to influence other employees, either positively or negatively. Knowing the Informal Leaders of your organization will allow you to manage the critical communication process of any organizational change in a more effective and efficient way. It will also allow you to choose the best ambassadors for your employer's brand.




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Active Organizational Network Analysis
Passive Organizational Network Analysis

Map informal interactions through an online survey, identify informal leaders and accelerate the adoption of strategic changes

Visualize and analyze employees' digital footprint by monitoring metadata from corporate email and other collaborative tools

Organizational Restructuring Simulation
Change Management

Employee-level simulation of organizational restructuring scenarios such as mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations

Accelerate strategic change adoption by positioning informal leaders as early adopters

Organizational Silo Mitigation
Workforce Planning

Identify and mitigate organizational silos and bottlenecks in your organization

Accelerate workforce planning through the simulation of internal reorganizations

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