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POP revolutionizes the world of psychology in organizations, offering, through a technological platform, psychological training to employees. 

POP Empower offers psychological training for employees. It operates through Mindfit, a platform that enables individual sessions with a personal trainer (psychologist) via video conference. The service is aimed at any company that wishes to bet on the welfare and development of its employees, and seeks to make the most of the potential of its organization. POP addresses a problem that employees in all organizations face: The intrusion of personal life in the professional and vice versa.




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Stability and efficiency in the work environment
Improved performance and productivity

By helping your employees to better manage their emotions you will contribute to a stable and efficient work environment.

By promoting greater employee satisfaction, you will improve the performance and productivity of your employees and the entire organization

Reduces the costs of non-productivity
Improve Employer Branding

The well-being of your staff leads to a reduction in turnover, absenteeism and sick leave rates, as well as the costs associated with them

Optimizing the work climate translates into a better employee experience (Employee Experience) and a stronger brand image as an employer (Employer Branding).

It brings innovation
Tailored psychological training plans

Achieve an innovative positioning in your sector by offering psychological training that is truly useful for the well-being of your employees

Designed for key moments of the organization, in the plans we accompany and help your employees to face in the most efficient and successful way events such as reincorporation after maternity leave, expatriation or temporary displacement, promotions, development of high potential, etc.

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