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Payflow offers a revolutionary social benefit so your employees get paid when they need to, with just one click. With no cost or administrative burden to your business.

Payflow lets you help your employees get paid when they want. It's easy with a web or mobile application and takes effect with the click of a mouse. There's no cost to your business, no installation fees, and no management or maintenance fees. Nor does it generate extra work, on the contrary, it eliminates the need to manage advances. It has no financial risks. No payment system is altered because the payroll will be handled as usual.




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It has no cost for the company.
Less financial stress for your employees

Why wouldn't you want to offer this benefit? It costs the company 0 euros to give your employees flexibility in payment. Compare 0 Euro with the cost of other benefits you give to your employees

With less financial stress, employees are more productive.

Improve Employer Branding
Avoid your employees having overdraft costs

Your employees will brag to their friends and family about how lucky they are to have this benefit. One more factor that helps to avoid unwanted turnover in your team.

Leaving the bill in the red is a very irritating expense when for some reason you can't wait until the end of the month to get your salary.

Avoid your employees having to take out a credit
Avoid the inconvenience of having to manage advances

If we have an unexpected breakdown we can't wait to collect at the end of the month, asking for a microcredit will be a cost for your collaborators.

Asking for an advance is never comfortable for an employee, having to take it on is not easy for the company either.

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