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People Performance International is an assessment platform with which you can manage your own recruitment processes and talent development projects in an intuitive, easy and complete manner. Improve the Selection, Retention and Development of Human Talent

People Performance International is the most flexible talent assessment platform on the market. It can be managed by you or by whomever you give access to, and can be displayed with your own brand, logo information, and even your own personalized URL. You can manage your own or your clients' development and selection processes. Innovation and constant evolution of reports and solutions to adapt them to the current needs of your organization.



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Effective Reports
Advanced Technology

Designed for real needs with more precise information where there is no "straw". Deep but very understandable reports, with a current language. They are 100% applicable, modular and accurate information. Validated reports with high quality and reliability.

A powerful, easy, innovative platform with the highest security measures. There are support servers in different locations. We have a high-level programming team, we continuously improve our programming resources which are tested to facilitate the work of our customers.

Constant Research

We study market trends, develop new applications, monitor variables, evaluate our own evaluations, contract validation studies, use databases to adjust variables. We innovate evaluations that solve needs

Strong philosophy of "excellent customer service" The following is a list of the most popular products in the market, tutorials and video-trainings. An open channel for consultation and guided help tours.


Manage your projects online 24/7 with the highest technology and at the most competitive price on the market.

Configure the type of evaluation you want with the sections or modules that interest you most and activate your project in 5 minutes

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