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Prisma is a software company that applies gamification to motivate employees through game elements

Prisma creates innovative software with gamification to take your talent to the highest level. Gamification consists of applying game elements in non-game environments, such as your company, to make the employee's day-to-day life more attractive and productive. A company's most important asset is its employees, that's why Prisma creates tools that make employees fall in love with them then enjoy using them every day. Because if employees enjoy the process, the results will come eventually.




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For all areas
Adaptable to your needs

Training, company culture, evaluation, sales recruitment, internal communication... We have tools for all needs Adaptable to your needs. They adapt the tools and their games to your needs so that you can solve your specific problems.

They adapt the tools and their games to your needs so that you can solve your specific problems

Your logos and your colors
Accompaniment included

Their tools are customizable so they can breathe your corporate image

They help you through the whole process. Once the tool is created, they will help you to land it among the employees and manage it.

For all pockets
Integrations with your systems.

The tools can be adapted to your budget by making changes in the functionalities.

The software can be integrated with your current tools to dump data or users and streamline processes.

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