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SASOI develops strategies to improve and maintain the health of workers as a tool to facilitate work efficiency.

SASOI intervenes in the promotion, acquisition and maintenance of healthy life habits. Provide a significant increase in the physical and mental fitness of employees, resulting in improved productivity, performance, working environment, safety, risk prevention, as well as the corporate image of the organization and its ability to retain and attract the best talent.




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Physical Activity
Active Breaks

Physical activity programs to encourage and implement the practice of physical activity

Active breaks in the workplace and occupational gymnastics, for the prevention and improvement of muscular-skeletal pathology.

Healthy Company

Healthy Company Management Programs, Design of Healthy Work Spaces, Programs of Promotion/Action for Health in the Work Environment.

Communication, psycho-physical health self-care, advanced social skills, coping with stress

Outdoor Activities

Indoor and outdoor activities aimed at improving the performance of teams and departments, organization of events linked to healthy leisure.

Specific programs on acquisition of healthy life habits, healthy food/cooking, rest, disconnection and relaxation habits

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