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Sezzen Mindfulness works with organizations to develop self-leadership skills, stress management, training of self-awareness in the professional and personal environment, talent empowerment and training of team managers.

Sezzen Mindfulness works with people to get the best version of themselves. It helps them to discover themselves as conscious leaders, to enhance their skills, to improve their active communication and the management of their emotions. The real process of change is self-knowledge. Sezzen Mindfulness makes work a conscious sum of decisions that leads to a winning scenario for everyone.




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Excellence in Leadership (Deusto Leadership)

Development of people who take the initiative and implement their effectiveness, empowered and proactive people who achieve their results and those of the organization.

Development of conscious leaders that leads the company to another level, promoting an improvement in labor relations and an increase in productivity.

MBSR Program (Mindfulness based Stress Reduction)
Team management

Training of people to increase attention, reduce discomfort or stress and improve their management of complex situations in the professional or personal environment.

Development of managers to acquire the necessary tools to manage high-performance teams and to assimilate the keys to success to enhance their leadership. "A boss has subordinates, a leader, collaborators"

Self-knowledge and personal development
Mindful Coaching

Development of behavior management strategies based on self-knowledge as a key and essential tool in the achievement of goals, purposes and the materialization of personal desires.

Conscious coaching for stress management, winning mentality generation and mind/body training

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