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Simbiotia creates wellness environments that help improve people's lives and experiences through connection with nature and its spaces.

Simbiotia helps to transform organizations and adapt them to the new paradigms of welfare and sustainability. It accompanies them in an integral way from the alignment of the strategy, design of innovative spaces, dynamization and communication to generate a high social and economic impact.



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We transform the role of offices
We are not designers: we help transform organizations through design

Improve your employees' well-being and sense of belonging, renew work dynamics, boost creativity and greater productivity, advance new trends in office work and its interrelationship with remote work, improve your public image, create a space that serves as a lever for a global transformation of the organization.

We understand the organization and its strategy from a management point of view. And from there we create a design that facilitates the achievement of those objectives. We accompany you from the strategy, in the design (architecture, interior design), in the direction of works and in the communication. We go down to the last detail: how the CEO dresses, the speeches that are given, ideas for growth and transformation, the type of audiovisual communication in the new environment, etc.

Biophilic Design
Innovation and futurism

Environment specially designed to improve the working conditions and the well-being of the team, prioritizing the relations with the natural as a beneficial and favorable element to the productivity

We develop unique and innovative projects, advancing trends worldwide in both the changes in the way of working and organizing. The evolution of remote work and the way we meet will not be the same

Corporate welfare
Pet Space

We rely on scientific evidence that shows that healthy and happy workers are more productive, more likely to collaborate with their colleagues, and more likely to innovate in ways that benefit the bottom line

It's a future trend. It has been shown that allowing workers to bring their pets into the office improves stress, communication, encourages creativity and productivity and enhances the company's brand image.

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