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SOY ÚNICO EMPRESAS (I AM THE ONLY COMPANY) is a consulting and training firm for organizations, aimed at improving the performance, welfare and happiness of people in working environments

A company that wants to be a market leader in a changing environment must invest in human resources and talent, as marked by current trends led by companies like Google. Scientific studies show the increased creativity, productivity and motivation of employees and leaders who are fully aware of and manage their mental, emotional and physical abilities. The goal is to provide people in organizations with internal resources to live better and thus work better : better performance.




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Mindful leadership
Emotional Mastery

Mindful Teams is a training and coaching program for leaders and middle managers for the excellence of the organization and management of their teams, using Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence as drivers of change.

Emotional skills training program to improve the resistance, motivation and empathy of employees, influencing their productivity, commitment and work climate.

Stress Management
Mindfuld Wellbeing Performance

Stress Out is a program of awareness and prevention of stress and anxiety by providing simple tools for everyday work with techniques such as breathing, physical and mental relaxation, active breaks, hygiene and postural health, yoga work, nutrition, etc

This program is a complete training based on the latest knowledge in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness, to help people within organizations to offer the best of themselves, changing from within, and navigate through opportunities and challenges with more resilience, commitment and happiness

Mindful Wellbeing Health Professionals
Body Breathing

A training proposal of six 4-hour sessions designed to provide a wide range of mental, emotional and physical skills such as concentration, full attention, memory, communication, resilience, motivation, empathy, mastery and self-care, to make inner well-being accessible when needed.

Leadership, motivation and wellness program through the body, which offers simple and powerful techniques to release physical and emotional stress from the body

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