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Talent Clue is a recruitment software that allows companies to automate the recruitment processes, publishing the vacancies directly to the website, social networks and employment portals and receiving all the candidates in one place, to manage them and thus have control of all processes in compliance with the RGPD.

Start attracting, falling in love and hiring the best talent with Talent Clue's selection software. Just like you have a website to sell your products and services, you need a Career Page to sell your company to candidates. Promote your employer brand on your own website and attract the best talent. The most effective way to hire the talent that best fits your business is to Attract, Convert, Hire and Fall in Love. This is the methodology provided by Talent Clue




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Personalized Career Page
Presence on Social Media

This is the heart of your recruitment, where you will send all candidates to learn more about your company. It’s your secret weapon to convince the talent to sign up for your positions through interactive content. And best of all, we set it up for you.

Did you know that, according to Adecco, more candidates follow the Social Networks of companies to learn about their positions rather than to buy their products? There is great potential among your followers to take advantage of! Social Networks are the ideal environment where you should build your brand, tell the world about it and engage your followers.

Automagic Career Panel
Attractive job positions

Now that the candidate is on your website: don’t make them leave! They can sign up for your job positions right there, in a list with all of your active vacancies. It’s updated almost magically and makes sure your website always has the latest positions. Bonus: you can also integrate it with Facebook.

You have already attracted the talent to the main event: the job position. Now you have to convince him or her and help them learn about your company and the position they will be holding using videos, images and all the text you want. Turn what used to be boring into something irresistible and separate yourself from your competition: you will stand out among a sea of people!

Super-simple and responsive forms
Communicate with all of your candidates, humanize your brand!

The candidate is reading your offer, they are interested! You almost have it in the bag, so enable them to sign up in a matter of seconds with simple and short forms, adapted to mobile phones, integrated with professional networks and ready to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition, you can personalize the forms with open-ended and killer questions to learn more about the candidates from the get-go!

79% of candidates hate not receiving a response from a recruiter. Talent Clue helps you maintain a continuous and automatic flow of communication with all the people who sign up for your positions. You’ll see how the satisfaction ratios with your company will improve!

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