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Talentum is systemic coaching, corporate culture, organizational constellations and leadership training.

Talentum offers its clients methodologies that focus on talent and people development. We believe in learning through coaching rather than training. The essential is sometimes invisible in everyday life. The systemic view allows, in a simple and concrete way, to obtain alternatives not included in the map of possible solutions.



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Training and mentoring
More than Selling

We believe in team coaching rather than training, and consider it a more powerful route than a one-off workshop. By combining different methodologies with diagnostics, personal management elements are obtained that boost the relational skills of a current or future leader. In this way the hierarchical or natural leaders acquire a greater strength within their organization being the protagonists and not the victims of the environment.

Through the PDA® (Personal Development Analysis) we carry out an intuitive training of salespeople or sales team leaders, which allows them to deepen their knowledge of themselves and discover strengths or opportunities throughout the sales process. We also know our clients better and their position with respect to the product, which improves the effectiveness of the closing, sowing the seeds of more future sales in each client.

More than Mentoring
Leadership with PDA

Mentorship training is in itself a complete training in communication, team management and leadership. Not only do we focus on the mentors or mentees, but the scarce time of many mentors is much more valuable, and this makes mentoring more than mentoring. We value and enhance the wisdom that exists in the organization through innovative methodologies such as Workcafé, theatrical dynamics or Lego Serious Play®.

The PDA is an assessment that uses a precise, simple and scientifically proven methodology, which allows the analysis and description of the employee's behavioral profile and the identification of their talents, skills, motivations, strengths and areas to be developed. Quick and easy to complete, intuitive, dynamic and adaptable to different competence models. Allows the generation of team and individual reports.

Systemic Coaching of Teams
Lego Serious Play®

Systemic coaching aims to incorporate new distinctions that will allow us to understand the biological aspects of our team or organization. It is a process of "representing outside" (in a physical space) the dynamics and relationships that are established between the "actors" involved in a problem. It is about visualizing and recreating the invisible, inherited, inbred dynamics that inhibit the achievement of the proposed objectives.

Revolutionary methodology of team coaching that enables an interaction of both brain hemispheres allowing to build images about a present situation or a future vision in an effective and fun way. Going further in the shared visions, it develops the capacity to make efficient decisions, strengthen the business identity, improve the team cohesion and the Engagement.

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