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Teamtailor is a very special Candidate Tracking Software (SAT), a platform that enables a new way to attract, manage and hire the best talent.

TeamTailor combines marketing, candidate relationship management and recruiting into one easy-to-use tool already used by over 2,500 companies large and small around the globe. It allows not only to dramatically improve the efficiency of the recruiting process but also to provide a great experience for the candidate.




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Easy to use
Give candidates the information they need

Build your race site and campaign pages in minutes. Just drag and drop different blocks and add your own content.

Present your brand in the best light and give candidates all the information they need to make a decision about applying for a job or contacting you.

Designed for your candidates
Make your employees your sellers

The career site is designed and optimized to ensure that it attracts visitors and turns them into applicants. All blocks are built with your candidates in mind, to ensure that you offer them the best experience.

Your employees are the best in your company. Make them feel involved and introduce them to your career site. Having a beautiful career site where your employees are represented will also make them share your ads even more.

Obtain applications from candidates on the spot
Build with Blocks

More than 50% of candidates use their mobile devices to search and find information about their company. It's vital that you allow them to browse their career sites and even apply for a job or connect to your company. Don't miss candidates on mobile devices.

It has never been easier to build a great looking homepage. Drag and drop the blocks and add your own content. It's that easy! Get your new page up and running in minutes

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