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The Holistic Concept

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The Holistic Concept promotes and strengthens the correct management of stress from the workplace thanks to its 360º methodology

We implement strategies to enhance the practice of Wellness by working in different areas and adapting to the needs of each company. Our services are based on three solid, combinable but independent pillars Consulting and advice, creation of content and development of actions related to integral health.




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Content for everyone
No time? There is no excuse.

Easy exercises for people of any age, physical and mobility conditions. No difficulty levels. Exercises are independent of each other.

Brief pills with specific goals. Practice our exercises at home or at work. Content is also available offline.

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Audiovisual format

No additional content. We recommend using earphones.

Clips and audios to improve your physical condition, relax your mind, ease tensions, etc. Learn how to deal with stress and improve your overall condition.

Work-life balance
Statistics and reports

Specific programs for pregnant women and families with children.

The APP analyses your results as an organisation measures the return of your investment and the impact on your workers. Check your progress as a user.

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