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UPTOME is a 360° HR tool that gives employees a voice to express their concerns about the company and the functions they perform in real time in order to achieve a good working environment, identify and retain talent.

UPTOME helps companies to maintain a good work environment as well as to identify and retain talent within the corporation. UpToMe adapts to the HR departments of each company. Through our platform we provide the HR department with all the continuous assessment information regarding employees, company and training, in a fast and secure way.



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Management Console
Mobile Access

From our monitoring web console you will be able to obtain real time information on the assessments made by the company's employees.

Employees can access UpToMe from their iOS or Android mobile phone and make evaluations and comments from any location, at any time.

Continuous Dialogue

Define the values you want to measure in your company, the questions to ask in each evaluation, and receive feedback from your employees in a personalized way

With evaluations as well as suggestions and direct messages, establish a continuous line of communication with your employees.

Talent Retention
Meet your employees

Identifies opportunities for improvement, training needs or conflict situations, acting to motivate and retain talent in the company.

It is the maxim of personnel management: with UpToMe you identify strengths and weaknesses of employees and the organization.

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