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VISIOTALENT is a video interview management platform where a candidate is more than just a CV.

Visiotalent is a leader in the field of recruitment using video interviews, allowing recruiters to go beyond the CV and discover the personality of the candidates while saving up to 50% of the time spent in pre-selection processes.




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Pre-select your candidates in an innovative way
Digitize your recruitment process

Give your candidates the right to speak ! On-demand video interviewing is the innovative recruitment solution that lets candidates demonstrate their motivation, while showing their personality

In a few clicks, create a campaign and invite your candidates to an on-demand video interview. Be the actor of your company's digitization.

Plug-and-play solution
Collaborate easily

With our SaaS platform, save precious time within your recruitment process. Enjoy our numerous easy-to-use HR workflows.

Once your candidates answer your questions in a given timeframe, watch their answers and share them with your colleagues, to select the best ones for a face-to-face interview. Video pre-selection is fluid and quick.

Stand out and develop your employer image as an innovative company.
Coaching and Training for Employability

Adopt an original video recruitment campaign and attract your candidates with different positioning.

More and more schools, universities and training institutions are training future candidates with video interviews, giving students flexibility and freedom. In 2020, 40% of recruitment processes will be video-based. Keep your students one step ahead.

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