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Viterbit is a recruitment and selection software that helps to track all job offers, resumes, candidates and contacts while allowing to create a very powerful, but at the same time very simple recruitment process.

Power your employer brand, increase your candidate pool and easily manage your recruitment process. Viterbit brings all the power of technology to a product with an elegant design and adapted to the talent recruitment needs of our present and future.



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Enhance your employer branding

Let your candidates know the benefits of being part of your team. Build and enhance your employer branding by promoting your organization's vision and culture. Make your candidates loyal and fall in love with you by telling them about the value you bring to them by being part of your organization.

Publish job offers with a click on the most important job portals and aggregators. Increase your recruitment sources and reach the best candidates in less time.

Candidate tracking system
Talent Database

By using customised recruitment and selection software, you save effort and time. With Viterbit you can manage all your selection processes from one place saving time and reducing costs. Find and organize all your candidates quickly and easily.

Building your own talent database is a great recruiting strategy since you can use it in all your selection processes instead of having to start every time from scratch in every talent search, something that causes you a waste of time and inefficiency of resources and money.

More impact on candidates
Let the data lead the way

Hiring the right candidate is a vital issue for any organization. Recruitment has become a definite factor of differentiation. Rethinking how your selection strategy is managed is important. At Viterbit we can help you make more of an impact on candidates.

Viterbit has reports, reports and recruitment indicators that will allow you to optimize the selection process to improve results in the future. All the information about your selection processes in one place. Find out which are the most attractive channels for the candidate, in which phase of the process they leave. All this with exquisite GDPR compliance and commitment to privacy.

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