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Welcome to the Jungle is a multi-platform medium whose ambition is to inspire professionals during their career development, and to guide organizations in their search for the best talent.

Welcome to the Jungle offers a wide variety of high-quality content (articles, videos, series, podcasts, magazines on paper or events) with the aim of helping young professionals to rethink their relationship with work. They have created a website with more than 1,900 detailed company profiles that include photos, videos and statistics (number of employees, parity, average age...), with the aim of offering candidates essential information for the job search. And to help recruiters offer the best possible experience to their candidates during the selection process, they provide a Welcome Kit, a candidate monitoring and management tool (ATS), with which they can publish job offers in an unlimited way and manage each application in a collaborative, intuitive and efficient way.




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Application Form
Custom Applicant Pipeline

Customize the application form provided to applicants (resume, portfolio, Github profile, website, etc.)

Customize the application pipeline and edit columns to match your recruiting process

Recruiter Notifications

Add open-ended questions to the application form

Select the recruiters who will be notified when a candidate applies to a job

Job Posting
Ready-to-use career site

Post your jobs on the right platforms (job sites, WTTJ media)

Benefit from a turnkey career site

Enter the private area and access more advantages and promotions that Turnever Marketplece can offer you for your Employer Branding strategy