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Turnever  Project 

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The Turnever project consists of the design and implementation of an Employer Brand Management System that places the employee's experience in the strategic place that the organization demands at every moment. It also has an analytical approach of intelligent iteration that feeds the continuous improvement.

In collaboration with the human resources function, the project facilitates a gradual and controlled transformation of the majority of HR processes, and of some of the organizational structures that most influence the generation of expectations of a candidate or the commitment of an employee.

Project Turnever is the First Employer Brand Management System, an interconnected set of procedures and work protocols that aim to implement an intelligent Employer Branding strategy.


Why an Employer Branding Management System?

Because the results and growth of your organization are very important, and depend largely on the commitment of your employees. And only a Management System is able to put order and method in the task of designing and implementing policies to attract and retain talent, as well as to enhance commitment.

We want to help you solve the 3 main problems of your organization:





Not having access to the right people for your organization is a desperate problem that your competitors often take advantage of.

We may complain but the smartest thing to do is to start changing our image and behaviour with candidates.

After a costly selection process you invest time and resources to train a young professional. Only a year has passed and when all that exertion begins to be retabilized... he goes to work with a competitor.

Does this story ring a bell? 

A lot can be done to prevent that from happening.

People will be your main asset only if they are committed to the purpose of the organization.

It is only through commitment that proactivity, ingenuity, excellence and exertion are obtained.

Not to seek compromise is to resign yourself to working twice as hard to get half. Don't give up.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”



In attracting and retaining talent, don't stay on the surface


into Employer Branding

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