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Turnever   Project

Turnever Project

The Turnever Project is a talent management advisory service focused on achieving success in Employer Branding strategies.


It is based on the implementation of an Employer Branding Management System, methodologically designed to propitiate a continuous improvement in the capacity to attract talent, avoid its flight to competing companies, and generate commitment.


It is intended for any organization that needs to implement strategies to increase its competitiveness by attracting and retaining talent, or to reduce costs resulting from high turnover of high-performing employees.

Turnever is therefore also a project that transforms organizational culture through a spontaneous and natural method that avoids the appearance of belligerent behaviors of resistance to change.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors

The content shared by workers on their social networks or on a personal level generates a much greater commitment than the brand alone. The employee is undoubtedly the most influential spokesperson for communicating the corporate message.


At Turnever Employre Branding Advisors we help you design and implement an employee "Brand Ambassador" strategy that will allow you to exponentially improve the efficiency of the communication of any corporate content in general and of your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) in particular.

Turnever Employer Branding Advisor is a partner of BeAmbassador, the best technological solution for the intelligent management of your network of Brand Ambassadors. BeAmbassador is a web application type SaaS (Software as service) that adapts to the role of the user administrator, co-administrative
administrator and the brand ambassador, which greatly facilitates his exertion in the emission of contents. To use it, it does not require downloading or installing anything towards the local computer, only having a web browser and an Internet connection

Talent Maps

Talent Maps

Managing something implies identifying it beforehand. This project offers the "raw material" of any Talent Management policy by describing all the dimensions needed to quantify and identify where current and potential talent resides. 


An adequate methodology to find out which is really the "useful talent" for your current or future organization, which dimensions determine it (knowledge, potential, performance...), how to measure it and compare it, and of course identify where it is (both inside and outside the company). 

Collaborative Networks

Collaborative Networks

We identify Collaborative Networks. Under every organization chart there is an informal network of very active collaboration, through which circulates an enormous amount of information and represents a true repository of knowledge. A true neural network that is difficult to identify and that represents the true catalyst of some key processes of the organization.


For complete talent management you also need to know how these collaborative networks work and what place they occupy in your talent map, only then can we identify the attributes of the most valuable people within the organization.


Engagement Management

We firmly believe that there is a direct relationship between productivity and organizational climate. That commitment is the trigger for the best performance and the best innovation.

We know that talent is worthless without the commitment that activates and empowers it.


But we also have our feet on the ground and we know that it is difficult to measure the degree of correlation between the exertions that contribute to greater happiness in the workplace and their impact on the bottom line.


At Turnerver Employer Branding Advisor we adopt a sensible and realistic position in our analysis of organizational climate and provide coherent yet courageous solutions with the purpose of turning the work environment into a place that offers the opportunity for people to give the best of themselves.


And it all starts with a deep interiorization:

«Compromise cannot be asked for,
and you can't buy it either 

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